A Full Guide on LoL Game Play


Win on the Fields of Justice is not easy. Read this section to learn how to manage a champion and what awaits you on the battlefield. Having learned the basics of the game, you can take the first steps in Summoner's Rift in LoL. Don't want to limit yourself to playing LoL? Bet on it here.


The game has champions of any type: from sly saboteurs to rabid warriors (and lots of intermediate options). Champions are designed for different tasks, each requires its own strategy, so do not despair if the first character you choose does not fit your style of play.

Champion Management

In the game, you control the champion of the traditional for real-time strategy scheme (albeit with a few differences). To move the champion, right-click on the destination. To attack the enemy, right-click on it. To use a champion's skill, left-click on its icon or press the corresponding hot key (by default - "Q", "W", "E" or "R"), and then click the target. Management can be changed in the Settings menu.

Lines in LoL

There are three ways from your base to the enemy. These paths are called lines, and the main battles with the enemy take place on them. If you want to win, make your way along the line to the enemy base and destroy the nexus in the center.

What Are Minions?

Minions are computer-controlled fighters. They appear in the nexus and go along the lines to the enemy base, attacking all opponents along the way. Hitting an enemy minion will give your champion extra gold. Minions prefer to fight the enemy’s minions, but they will attack the champion if he is alone on the line. In addition, the minions will immediately switch to you if you attack the champion nearest them. Do not underestimate the destructive power of these creatures - especially in the early stages of the game!

What Is the Function of Towers?

The towers are powerful defenses. They are evenly spaced along the lines and fire at enemies that are close enough. Towers, like minions, attack first of all not you, but other targets. But the tower will switch to you as soon as you attack another champion, or if you are the only available target. Beware of leading the battle next to the enemy tower.

What Will Happen if You Destroy Inhibitors?

At the ends of each line, at the entrance to the base are located important buildings - inhibitors. If you destroy the inhibitor, with each of the subsequent waves of minions on this line will appear a powerful supermignon. Super minions are so tenacious that they can pave the way for you into the very heart of an enemy base. Inhibitors recover in five minutes, so do not miss your chance!

Destroy all three enemy inhibitors, and you will call upon two super-minions in each wave of minions.

In the center of each base is a nexus. It is a building protected by two towers, periodically releasing a wave of minions on each line. The team that destroyed the enemy's nexus, wins, and the game ends there.