PCI Compliance: Do It Yourself or Entrust to Professionals?

Every businessperson knows that PCI compliance is a must. However, small business owners want to save as much as possible when meeting PCI compliance requirements. Unfortunately, the process of meeting all of the 12 obligatory PCI requirements is time-consuming and expensive, especially, if you are an owner of a small business. You need to take into account that maintenance costs are rather high depending on the type of business you have and its size. Many factors influence the cost of PCI compliance. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t avoid the PCI compliance certification if you don’t want to pay fees for the non-compliance regularly.

Do you want to enter the market? Then, one of the very first things you should take care of is PCI compliance. First, you should understand what you need it for and what benefits you as a business owner will enjoy if you use it. There are 2 key advantages. You will be able to protect the client’s credit card information and build trust with your customers. Your company will have a good rating as customers consider it safe and secure. PCI compliance standard has many pros and one con – its price. Is there any way to save money? Find out how much it will cost you to become a trustworthy and dependable company.

Things You Should Know about PCI Compliance Cost

Before you get started, you need to keep in mind that the DIY option is the most expensive one. If you do it yourself you will spend more time and money. You can save if you give preference to professional organizations. Experts will come to the rescue and provide you with effective solutions. The major benefit is that you will spend less time on the data collection and transfer. Such solutions are very effective for startups. For you to make the right solution, there are figures below.

Do you want to meet all of the PCI requirements alone? Then, be ready to pay for each stage of the process. The final price may reach up to $40000.  The exact cost will depend on the compliance level you need. Another factor that influences the cost is the number of transactions. You will pay a high price and spend a lot of time at the same time. Also, you can face certain difficulties when meeting requirements.

That’s why it is possible to say that an all-in-one solution is much more effective. You will get the compliance which will be revalidated regularly. It’s the best way to avoid worries.