Receive SMS Verification to Support Your W bot Mobile App


Your user base is important to the overall success of your business. Protecting your users and your business from scams is required to enable constant growth. Phone verification has become the most reliable and effective way to apply security measures. At, you can receive SMS verification and optimize your business endeavors at the same time. To be more specific, here are six ways phone verification can help your web or mobile app.

Confirm a user identity

When a user enters his/her phone number during account registration or mobile app download, you can validate his/her identity by connecting with the mobile device connected with the phone number. Once you have a verified phone number associated with a user, you turn his/her mobile device into a global trust anchor for safety.

Prevent a scam and avoid a bulk account registration

To minimize fraud, security intelligence can be established during phone number verification. The analysis of the phone number will provide you with valuable data attributes and risk evaluation. This allows you to make sure that the account registrant is not a bot or spammer bulk creating lots of fake accounts.

Make account registration easier

User convenience happens to be the most significant aspect of the fraud prevention strategy. Efficiency of traditional email and username/ password account verification keeps declining. With phone verification, account registration can be made easier for average users. So, they can begin using the website or mobile application within a short period of time.

Enable two-factor authentication to win user’s trust

More and more users want companies to establish an extra layer of security. Apart from a standard password, users should be offered two-factor authentication through their phone numbers. At SMS-man, they can help you establish this system properly. A one-time verification code sent via SMS can authenticate a registered user or verify a whole transaction.

Minimize expenses and provide safe account recovery

Insecure account/password recovery methods cost a fortune to you. With an established “trust anchor” through the user's phone number and device, you will be able to escape from fraudsters.

Boost the value of your customer base

Phone verification allows you to minimize the further spread of fake accounts in your online ecosystem. According to recent research, the value of customer base can go up by 44% if fraudulent accounts are fully or at least partially eliminated.