How to Get into CyberSport: Simple Tips


Would you like to enter the world of cybersports but don't know how to do this? In e-sports, there are certain rules to follow. Before you become go to website and try your luck betting, find out how to become a really cool cybersportsman. Below, in a few simple paragraphs, the path of almost any modern e-sportsman is described. This mini-guide is written for players in Dota 2, although it, perhaps, is fair for any other command discipline.

The Useful Guide for Future Cyber Sportsmen

Have a look at the simple recommendations on how to become a successful cyber sportsman.

  • You need to be able to play really well (it seems logical, but this is an obligatory and the most important point.) In case, your gaming experience is less than 1000 hours, then with such figures, of course, you will get nowhere).
  • You need to have a team of guys who know how to play really well, or at least they want to. Recruitment of the team is a painstaking and difficult task, so you are advised to start with a small stack of two people (preferably three). This will be the so-called backbone of the team, from which you can already start, picking people up on the right roles. You will always have this backbone - this is important, because one in the field is not a warrior. Players in the team you can search anywhere: on forums, in public, it does not matter, good players can be found everywhere. Creating a strong team process is usually not fast, so have the patience.
  • As soon as you have a team, you need to go and register for open tournaments for all comers, of which there is a mass on the Internet now. You can easily learn about them from news portals such as, you can use Google, you can clean famous websites and forums.
  • If you did everything right, you know how to play Dota really well, and your team also does this well, then you should have taken some good place in an open tournament for all comers, because really strong teams are not registered there . The first time, however, you are unlikely to win, it is so rare, although if you are very talented, then everything is possible.

So, once you have flashed a couple of times at such tournaments - you are already in e-sports, although not in the highest league. Then you can go to higher ranked tournaments, which are held by invitation, and boast with the results. Believe, if you actively share your results, you will definitely take a game somewhere. Tournaments for invites are held often. Don't miss your chance to be recognized as a good cyber athlete!