The Features of Microsoft Word Documents

File DOC - Microsoft Word document, without a doubt, the most popular program for working with texts. Word is included in the delivery of all versions of the Office suite. DOC format files contain a wide variety of text formatting information - fonts, their style, text alignment, indents, paragraphs, lists, columns, etc. Microsoft Word documents may also include images, charts, tables, scripts. Compared to pdf, it's a format you can edit. But don't worry if you need to get some text from pdf and copy it to your document. It can be done with a fast converter online.

What Benefits Does Word Have?

Any modern person should be able to work with a computer and use at least a minimum set of programs. This is not about specialized packages like Photoshop, Corel Draw or 1C-accounting, but about standard office applications, the most famous of which is Microsoft Word. It is quite simple to download. This program has long been a kind of quality standard among text editors: the easiest way to do it is to make any documents, letters, diploma projects or graphics. Virtually all computers running Windows, this program is installed, and most users are familiar with it at least in general terms.

Not all users like these innovations, and quite a lot of people use versions of past years (word 2003 and 2007 have a lot of fans). However, the same situation is observed with the Windows operating system - many users still use XP and Seven, not wanting to switch to the new-fangled G8.

Key benefits of Word:

  • Convenient and functional toolbar, used only when it is really needed.
  • The program has built-in tools for working with tables, various effects and charts. Now you can even embed a video into your document.
  • Functional work with blocks and large text arrays.
  • Word understands and can work with most existing formats. The user will not have to download and install additional programs or services.
  • High degree of protection of personal data and the document itself.
  • Effective file resizing. Surprisingly, the file made in the new version of Word, takes up much less memory than made in other text editors.

In a word, anyone should be able to work with Word. In order to learn its basic functions, you will need to spend quite a bit of time because everything in this program is simple and intuitive. Learn more about doc and docx format and check how they differ here.