The Things You Need to Know About ESL Pro League


If you cannot imagine your life without CS:GO, you definitely won’t miss ESL Pro League Season. The event sponsored and organized by ESL involves more than 20 teams fighting for the championship during one month. Being conducted in five continents, this Esport event invites players from all over the world who will try their best to reach the finals and fight for the prize pool of $2,000,000. It’s the longest running pro CS: GO competition, which is one reason why it’s so engaging. Feel free to check the teams participating in the ESL Pro League event at

What Format Is Used?

The format of the event may seem a bit confusing when you check its structure and rules. And considering the number of teams involves, your head may go round. Of course, the number of the teams will be narrowed down to six teams in a sequence of gaming rounds. The league is usually divided into four groups of six teams where every team plays in a best-of-3 round-robin game. The group winners will meet at the late stages of the playoffs and group runners-up and third-placed teams will have to meet in the early rounds of the playoffs. The Grand Final of the ESL Pro League is about to be played in the best-of-5 format.

How are the teams selected? For instance, Europe usually sends up to sixteen teams, depending on the placement for the previous season. The same number of participants is available for America where two of the teams have to be taken from the relegation stage. Oceania sends about 8 teams, similar to Asia.

What Is the Possible Winning?

The prize pool for the finals is really exciting. Can you imagine that around $750,000 USD will be spread between all winners? Meanwhile, the main winner will earn almost $250,000. This is an excellent motivation for the teams and participants to show their best gaming competence. Are you excited for such a huge prize pool? Then make sure to check out the teams and bet on CS:GO sessions when they take place.

The Bottom Line

The most recent events in the world have made some corrections to the ESL Pro League event. Thus, there are some changes in the schedule to follow. The final updates will be published on the official website of the ESL Pro League, as well as the Dota homepage. Make sure not to miss the hottest news. While the major prize is not taken by anyone, it still can become yours.