Top 5 Mid Lane Heroes to Choose in Dota 2

While the popularity of Dota 2 can hardly be denied, it has a range of heroes to stick to. The Midlaner is known as the 2nd position in the game due to its ability to snowball the enemy. The Midlander's strategic mission is to farm XP, gold early game efficiently, and deny the same for the opponent. That way, they can lead the mid and late game. In most cases, Midlanders always go 1 on 1 with the opponent mid. They have to be vigilant because the opponent will rob them constantly.

Of course, there is no official rating of the best and the worst Midlanders. So the list below is based on an independent opinion about this bet Dota 2 hero.

Queen of Pain

Queen of pain is an excellent midlaner best known for her Shadow Strike. Also, she has another skill of blinking to a location, which makes it impossible to hit her in mid lane. Finally, she can do decent damage against enemies. All her abilities are fine-tuned to slowly engage the opponent and harass him.

Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer is a strong midlaner. His skills let him do huge damage to the opponents. With the skills of Arcane orb, he steals the enemies' intelligence. Also, he can place an ally or opponent in astral prison making him disabled and invulnerable.


Zeus is probably one of the best nukers in Dota 2. His powerful abilities let him deal with magic easily. His skill of Arc Lightning is applied for effective farming in mid lane. Also, his high damage spell is used on opponents' units to cause huge damage to heroes. What's good is that no hero can escape Zeus with low HP.


Viper is a real poison that can hardly be killed. His skill of viper reduces the movement speed of the opponent, while his other skill makes the opponent passive. Also, he can minimize damage while being attacked. So, he is great in group fights because of his ability to take over the fight. Thus, it is a perfect choice in all stages of the game.

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend is a perfect midlaner to fight against. His Razes can cause much harm to the opponents. The 300 Base damage for a single raze can affect your health in a negative way. By landing all three razors, he will destroy the enemy just like that. Also, his skill of Necromastery allows him to collect rewards and bonuses after every successful fight. By constantly denying the creep, he will make life harder for the opponent. His ultimate Requiem of souls will cause nothing but huge AOE damage.