How to Adjust the Sensitivity of the Metal Detector?


The happy owners of a brand new metal detector are often enthusiastic and ready to rush into battle right away. However, a novice treasure hunter immediately has questions about the settings of his device, since it is immediately difficult to understand how and what to configure, and what determines the correct settings of certain parameters. Setting up a metal detector is a very delicate and subjective matter. Each user selects the majority of settings individually for himself, in accordance with his needs, tasks and search features. Their accuracy depends on the experience of the search engine and is achieved through practice and experimentation. In addition, each metal detector has its own specific characteristics, and therefore there is no general settings scheme for all models. If you’re a beginner, learn more about the settings below and then choose a detector at

Sensitivity Is a Vital Component of the Detector

An important component of metal detector tuning is its sensitivity, which directly determines the depth of detection of objects, which most often determines the success of search operations. The higher the sensitivity indicators are set, the deeper the metal detector is able to detect an object. However, the maximum values are not always good, as this increases the degree of influence of electrical noise and other extraneous signals. Setting such high parameters justifies itself only in cases of dry low grass and homogeneous soil, as well as in the absence of external irritants.

Rules You Should Follow to Fix the Sensitivity

There are general rules for adjusting sensitivity, the first of which is an assessment of the state of the soil on which searches are being made. For a clean and uniform ground, you can safely set the maximum sensitivity, but for areas contaminated with metal waste it is better to set the average value, for example, on a Minelab X-Terra 305 metal detector, such indicators are 7-8. The second factor affecting sensitivity is the mineralization of the soil, those are the presence of minerals and salts in it in the ground. The higher their content in the earth, the higher the mineralization and the stronger the influence of interference on the operation of the metal detector. Therefore, to reduce interference, sensitivity must be reduced. The same applies to work near power lines, which make it difficult to find.