How to Start an Essay: 5 Most Effective Ways


Anyone can point out the shortcomings of your essay beginning telling what is wrong with it. But not everyone can help with the useful piece of advice how to get started. Let's look at several ways on how to start an essay or any other paper that with a probability of more than 90% will interest your reader.

The Best Ways to Write the First Lines

Before you get started, check the most effective ways to attract the reader's attention. All these methods have their own tricks that really work!

  1. The slippery slide of Joe Sugarman. This way to start the article came up with the famous American copywriter Joe Sugarman. This approach is called a "slippery slide". It is universal and suitable for starting any kind of texts. The principle of "slippery slide": The first sentence is made short and unsaid. It should generate intrigue and a question, prompting the reader to read the second sentence in search of an answer. The second sentence strengthens the intrigue, making the reader want to move to the third sentence, etc.
  2. Facts or statistics. Nothing captures people as much at the beginning of the article, as something interesting. Give statistics or share some curious fact, and the person will read your text till the end. Check examples: “About 20 billion diapers are disposed of annually in the United States.” “Scientists have found that people cannot dream when they snore.” “According to statistics, 1.5% of people on the Planet have a red hair color.”
  3. Ask a question. Questions are good because people at a subconscious level respond to them, and this involves them in reading. It is doubly good if the question is intriguing. Examples:
  4. “Did you know that Einstein could not speak before the age of four, and he was considered a retarded child?” “Do you want to have passive income?”” How long does it take you to swim?”
  5. The provocative phrase. This tricks consists in the fact that you start with a provocative phrase that causes certain emotions (most often, negative ones) in certain groups of readers. However, remember that if you cause a negative reaction, then you should do your best to reduce it to zero.
  6. Tell a story. People love stories. Firstly, because we all grew up on stories, and secondly, because from every story we are accustomed to extract some lesson. That's why most people are predisposed to stories and willingly read them.

Choose the one that you like most and be sure-the readers will be hooked! If you find it difficult to create an original beginning on your own - buy essay online and feel free of worries because it will be written on the top level.