Dota 2: The Best Supports of Patch 7.05


The heroes here are not universal and fit the specific situation in the game. However, they have a high winning percentage, which speaks for itself. Check it to have a better understanding of Dota 2 game before betting on Have a look at the supports in Dota 2.


This hero can be chosen for the role of a support, carry, offlaner, and even a midi on a low rating. In each particular situation, he is strong in his own way. However, his most popular vocation is support. Basically, this hero picks up to save one Carry. He is able to remove most of the debuffs in the game with his shield. With one peak of Abadon, the nasty roamer Bounty Hunter counters, a bunch of Shadow Demon and Mirana is simply turned off with a simple skill with a rather short cooldown.

His support merits can also include the built-in suicide opportunity, so as not to give the enemy experience and money. Moreover, it is easier to use than a Pudge torch or a Pugna ultu. Their health flows evenly and, if desired, the enemy can choose the right moment for the last strike. Abadon, on the other hand, is able to instantly inflict deadly damage with the help of Mist Coil.

The third passivation of this hero Curse of Avernus not only allows you to kill enemy heroes faster, but also affects buildings. A team under the buff of this skill gains additional attack speed on a poisoned target.

Also, one should not forget about his magnificent ultimate, which not only allows one to survive much more often, but also removes many negative effects. Of course, Abadon is strong in the current meteor and is able to save allies from enemy spells and damage. But if the enemy does not have long camps, nasty buffs, then this hero loses its effectiveness. After all, his treatment and shield are not as strong as the ability of Omniknight or Dazzle, who are able to save their lives with their carry, is much more effective.

Treant Protector

Even after reworking the invisibility of this hero, he became wildly popular as a counter to many invizational heroes, such as Riki, Bounty Hunter, Clinkz, and others. Because of his incredible vitality, he bought Gem of True Sight as quickly as possible and waited for his goal at the farmed Carry. Thus, he not only made it impossible for Roamers to get quick kills, but also helped him to get his curry at the expense of the ultimate. Also, the enemy invisible could not easily move around the map, knowing that they can be seen at any time.

But its benefits did not end there, after a small up of the Living Armor ability, it was possible to protect an ally not only from enemy strikes, but also from magical damage. He spends less time moving and less money on teleports. Its usefulness in mass battles is also difficult to overestimate. Leech Seed not only slows down a single target and does a good amount of damage, this skill also gives a tangible treatment to all allies around. His Ultimate binds everyone around, it's not as cool as a camp, but the enemy cannot move and attack, and also use most of the movement abilities, such as the Anti-Mage Blink.

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