What Does CASCO Include?


The insurance system is quite complicated and has a number of specific subtleties. Most companies offering CASCO insurance services allow the client to choose the options he/she needs, assuming a specific percentage of compensation for this or that damage. That is why the insurance contract must be approached very responsibly, even if it is the so-called “full CASCO insurance”. It may have his supplements that are not available in similar documents of other companies.

Options That Are on the CASCO List

All that is covered by CASCO for autos can be represented in the form of a specific list. However, it must be remembered that there are several insurance programs even for one company, which means that some points may change or be absent.

  • Traffic accident. This is a general concept that addresses a specific situation. Some types of damages in case of an accident are specifically carried out in separate points, since other insured events occur on them.
  • Collision with another car. We are talking about road users on different types of vehicles.
  • Hitting or hitting an object, which can be either in a static or moving state. This item also includes animals and birds.
  • Rollover of the car. A separate insurance point, suggesting a specific type of damage in the accident.
  • Fire. Under this item falls even fire as a result of an accident.
  • Drop items on the vehicle. Refers to trees, ice, snow, etc.
  • Failure under the ice.
  • Drop in the water.
  • Gravel release. A separate type of damage caused by hitting stones or other objects from under the wheels of another car.
  • Illegal actions of third parties. Asking a question about what is included in the CASCO insurance for cars, this item interests people the most. It includes a number of actions that can be regarded as illegal or violating the rights of private property.
  • Explosion.

Important! It should be noted that all these items usually have a standard contract. However, their availability and percentage of compensation must be negotiated separately, so that later there are no controversial issues.

What Is Not Considered an Insurance Case?

In order for the program to start working, an insured event must occur. Legally, there are a number of factors that correspond to the type of damage, but at the same time, the money is not paid for them. They should be considered separately.

Cases of theft:

  • theft of a radio tape recorder or its damage;
  • theft of the license plate, as well as its damage;
  • loss or theft of additional equipment located outside the vehicle;
  • car theft when doors and windows are open and the alarm is deactivated;
  • theft of a vehicle with documents, ignition keys, key fobs, alarms;

No harm to the car itself:

  • point damage to the paintwork, these include small scratches and chips;
  • damage to the tire, decorative cap;
  • theft of any type if the car is not affected;


  • breakdown of parts of components and assemblies;
  • identification of factory marriage;
  • electrical equipment malfunction;
  • failure of the brake system;

External factors:

  • fraud or extortion;
  • exposure to a nuclear explosion or radiation;
  • hostilities;
  • no return from leasing or rental.

Check whether the company offers the options you find necessary before paying for CASCO insurance.